Free Nutrition Challenge Challenge


FREE 6 day nutrition challenge to teach you how to FINALLY be 100% sure you’re doing what’s right for YOU

Almost every single day, I hear from women that they’re feeling so unsure about their nutrition.  

My first response is always the same — OF COURSE YOU’RE STRUGGLING...and in no way is it your fault.  

With all the information flooding your feed, all the nutrition coaches preaching their special macro plan, it’s pretty impossible to know anything for certain. And as long as coaches keep preaching their once and for all solutions, we’ll continue to struggle.  

Because we know it doesn’t work that way.  

>>How many nutrition plans have you purchased, only to feel dissatisfied and stressed as you try to make it work in your life? >>How many coaches have you followed on Instagram only to try their advice and end up binging a few days later?  

That’s why I felt compelled to create the #NutritionalCertainty365 challenge —a six day group challenge to teach you strategies to FINALLY be 100% sure you’re doing what’s right for YOU, amidst all the noise, every single day of the year.  

Sign up here so that I can send you our pre-challenge workbook! We start on September 3rd!  

In this FREE #NutritionalCertainty Challenge, you'll get: 

  • My pre-challenge workbook to get you clear on your goals & priorities for the challenge

  • 6 days of nutrition education & daily nutrition challenges to implement what you’ve learned

  • Support & coaching in a closed FB group. I'll be answering all your questions and offering daily check ins for your nutrition challenges

  • FB Live Video Trainings. I'm gonna walk you through some of my BEST strategies for getting certain about your nutrition

  • A chance to win FREE coaching with me if you complete all 6 challenges!  

Upon sign up, you'll need to confirm your interest in the challenge, then I'll send you the FB group info & the workbook!

Topics include: 

  • Why your mindset matters to your nutritional certainty
  • How to tune into your appetite as a tool for long term consistency
  • Step-by-step guide to use satisfaction to manage your sugar cravings
  • How to utilize your thoughts to refine your daily nutrition choices to fit YOU
  • What your energy levels are telling you about your relationship with food
  • How to use your restriction as a superpower and stop binging for good 

Hi there, lovely! I'm Katherine!

I am a Restriction Recovery Coach who helps women embrace their restrictive habits through my 4R Method so that they can live their best lives. I am also a 12+ year eating disorder survivor. I’ve seen the damage that restriction and overexercise can do to your body firsthand. I don’t want another woman to feel that pain, so I am speaking out, because even though restriction – in its many forms – is common, it’s so not normal.  

Today, I’m a NASM certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition L1 coach who combines my life experience and education to help you get out of restriction prison.  

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to fight my restrictive and disordered eating tendencies that I finally automated my eating, exercised in a way that changed my body, and rebuilt my confidence and self-esteem.  

See, I actually embraced my restriction and started using it to my advantage.  

Now, I eat (mostly) healthy without effort, don’t stress if I miss a workout, am so much more confident, and no longer try to be perfect. In fact, I firmly believe that I’m now doing my life’s work simply because I embraced restriction – instead of fighting it.  

I’m all about helping you embrace your restrictive tendencies so that you can actually enjoy your life (instead of constantly thinking about food and exercise).

I can't wait to get started on September 3!