Get your first (or best!) push up in 4 weeks

#PushUpPower Blueprint

I hear from women all the time that they want to get better at push ups. Whether they're struggling to progress to pushing up from their toes or wanting to advance to more challenging variation, it seems like every woman I talk to has a push up goal.

I created #PushUpPower to change all of just four weeks.

What will I get in #PushUpPower?

I'm breaking down EXACTLY what you need to do to build enough push up strength to meet your goals.

Exercise demos

I'll show you exactly how to do each exercise (in exclusive video demos). 

Weekly circuits

Each week, I'm providing you a new circuit that builds on the week before.


I'll tell you when to do these workouts (in addition to your other training)

Build strength & achieve your goals

What will I achieve with #PushUpPower?

Using this four week blueprint, you will master the push up. Whether you're looking to get your first push up from your toes or build strength to do more advanced variations, I've got you covered. 

About the Author

Hi there, lovely! I'm Katherine!  

As an eating disorder survivor of over ten years, my mission is to help women be consistent with their workouts and eating without obsession or restriction.  

I'm a California born dog mom, coffee drinker, wine lover, and pit bull advocate. My favorite time of the the day is 5:30am when I'm snuggling Juno (my pit bull baby) and brainstorming blog post ideas.  

I'm also a NASM certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition L1 coach. I felt obligated to create #PushUpPower, because mastering the push up is the #1 fitness goal I hear from women, week after week.